Helps you manage your chronically ill patients by automating care planning and review,  simplifying collaboration with the care team, and eliminating the overhead and paperwork of MBS Chronic Disease Management items.

cdmNet is a web-based service that assists healthcare providers to optimise treatments for chronically ill patients. Unlike other software support for chronic disease management (such as care plan templates)cdmNet automates the entire process of care from end to end.

Product Highlights

  • Saves time: cdmNet can more than double practice productivity
  • Eliminates paperwork: cdmNet can dramatically reduce the time and cost of administration
  • Simplifies collaboration: cdmNet removes the overhead of collaboration with other care providers and the patient
  • Improves outcomes: cdmNetsignficantly improves adherence to evidence-based guidelines
  • Reduces risk: cdmNet tracks patient care and facilitates Medicare compliance
  • Maximises flexibility: cdmNet works in any practice organisation

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